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Rémy Noë was born in Bromley, Kent, England, to

a French/Dutch father and English mother, but

has lived in Medway for most of their life. From

1986 to 1993, Remy attended Vinters Boys School,

described as "a living hell", and Chatham

Grammar School for Boys. 1993-97, attended

Canterbury College of Art for Foundation and BA

in Fine Art, but was forced to leave by the

Department of Social Security. From 1997 to 1998,

resumed a part-time BA, but was expelled for

condemning "conceptual shit" and also threatened

with arrest. Since then, Remy has worked in their

father's garage, Medway Citroen.

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In 1996, Remy's work was first publicly exhibited in Indo Gothic, in

Chatham, Kent. In 2000, took part in the first Stuckist demonstration

against the Turner Prize outside Tate Britain


Norse and Anglo-Saxon mythology are recurring themes in paintings, as are

historical sites and the countryside in Kent. The use of sacred geometry and

their own form of aesthetic geometry are features in the work. The colour

and texture of some work "evokes a kind of modern Impressionism."

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Remy is transgender and has suffered from gender

dysphoria for their whole life "diving into mythic

history to distance myself from the feeling I had

about myself" and has received hormone

treatment since 2010 from Charing Cross

Hospital's gender identity clinic.

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