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Joe Machine is an English artist, poet, and

writer. Joe grew up in a violent environment

around the bars and drinking establishments of

the Cockney Riveria and the dock towns of North

Kent. He was exposed to stabbings and pub fights

from an early age and first began making

drawings of his experiences in primary school.



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As his life spiralled into crime

and disorder, he was sent to

A special school and young

offender’s institute for

violence and theft. His

colourful background includes

involvement with illegal

gambling, working as a bouncer

in South East London and the

rave scene of the 1990s.

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Joe began making paintings in 1988 in an effort to

visualise his life and environment. In 1999 he became

a founder member of the Stuckists, the first anti

conceptual Re-modernist art movement.

Known both for his stripped, pared down style

and graphic depictions of sex and violence and

beautifully symbolic paintings of nature,

mythology and religion, he has been described by

renowned art critic Edward Lucie-Smith as “one of

the most important British Artists”, and “the

successor to Francis Bacon and William Blake.”


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Joe has published several collections of his writing and exhibited paintings in

some of the most prestigious galleries in the UK and internationally.

He won the Real Turner Prize in 2002 and The Grand Prize at the

Cork Street Exhibition 2012.

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